Our Bonbon Chocolates are like Jewels for your taste buds!

Of outstanding and uncompromising quality, and in the process, craft cherished recipes with superior textures and flavours, all produced with artisan skill and artistry.  We blend Ghana’s globally recognized forastero cocoa with scrupulously sourced fresh local ingredients.  

Fine quality nuts, corn, spices, teas, coffee, dried flowers, fruits and liquors are carefully molded by hand in our chocolate kitchen, dedicated solely to the production of our Treats.


A lot of love, passion and thorough attention to detail goes into each Bioko chocolate – a unique work of art.  Enjoy!

This sets us apart from many others!


Our Best of Ghana Jewels are made by hand in small batches in our own kitchen with the finest fresh ingredients. We offer you lots of choice in our packaging. They come in boxes of 2, 4, 6, 12 and 24.

You can Customize your own Box or let us Surprise You!



This flavor has Almond bits in a milk chocolate shell.

Hazelnut Praline

Who doesn't love Hazelnuts? You have it encased in a milk Chocolate shell

Spicy Treat - Zoey

Roasted Corn and Groundnut in Milk Chocolate Shell.

(Contains Nuts)


Hibiscus flowers married with Ghanaian spices in a milk chocolate shell.

Java Bite

Yummy Java Bite is the pick for Cocoa & Coffee Lovers.

Has in it Coffee & Cocoa nibs


Crushed wafer biscuits paired with  a white Chocolate ganache

Crunchy Coconut

Our Crunchy Coconut Bonbon is a desiccated coconut blended with white chocolate.

Malty Nibs

Gives you Malt, Cocoa and Hazelnut Nibs all in one Milk Chocolate Shell.


Almond Caramel

This Bonbon has Almond bits and Caramel in Dark Chocolate

Hazelnut Wafer

Loaded with Crunchy Wafer biscuits and Wafer in Dark Chocolate.

Passionate Mango

Passion Fruit & Mando mix in a white chocolate ganache in Dark Chocolate.

Salted Caramel

Enjoy the taste of Liquid salted Caramel in this Dark Chocolate Bonbon.


This Bonbon is special; it's made of 100% Ghanaian Coffee and Cocoa.


Fresh Lemon marmalade with a white Chocolate ganache in Dark Chocolate.


(Tetrapleura tetraptera)

Flowering plant with medicinal value indigenous to Ghana in a white Chocolate ganache.


This Bonbon has pieces of candied Ginger in Dark Chocolate


Rind of Lime and white Chocolate ganache in Dark Chocolate.

Roasted Rice

This Bonbon is made of Rice bits with milk Chocolate in Dark Chocolate.

More flavors coming soon!

Unleash your Chocolate flares and let us know if you have a flavor to suggest, who knows; we might consider it.

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